I don't particularly like my roommate anyway, so apologies for a bit of ranting, I needed to get it out.

The funny thing with my one roommate is that we started out amicably as roommates but her blatant disregard for thinking through things and giving no common courtesy to others (things such as letting her other roommates know that someone is coming over or, god forbid, staying overnight) has strained our status as workable roommates. I am excited about buying a new place and leaving this fool behind because she really is a fool.

So, I don't get my roommate and her incessant need to be in a relationship. In the two years we have lived in the same house she has 'dated' two guys for about a year each. Each relationship broke up once and then got back together. The first finally broke up all the way after a prolonged period of the guy coming back for more 'cuddle' time. The second supposedly broke up a week or so ago.

The thing that perplexes me is that she has the second guy over right now and if the squeaking bed is any indication, doing stuff. SO, you break up with this guy, twice, and then continue some sort of relationship after. REALLY! I think she may be trying to hard to be in a relationship, though, she is quoted as saying that she has to always be in a relationship. I really, really think the pattern is pretty damn obvious and maybe, just maybe she needs to cool it down and not set her expectations the way she sets them.

I'll give an example, she happened to be discussing a new coworker of hers, stating the new person didn't fit the office culture. I put on my manager hat for a second and asked how long the person had been with the company she works for. She said that doesn't matter, that the person represented themselves as a superstar in the field of work my roommate does. I stated to her that maybe, just maybe, even a highly competent work may need time to train and adjust to the work culture they just entered, results don't come immediately, ever. She dismissed me entirely, I just happen to manage folks everyday as part of my job. She is also a person that is heading back to school for a degree in managing others, ha.

This goes back to the relationship thing where she believes that a relationship should be honest and open but apparently when someone says something honestly, she doesn't like it or they just don't necessarily want to talk about shit that doesn't matter, the whole line of communication shuts down. I have seen her do this in both of the relationships I have observed her in.

It boggles my mind how someone can be so obsessed about one thing and ignore the signs around them that they are doing incredibly stupid stuff. I guess I shouldn't be because I see irrational behavior all the time. Whatever, in a few months I won't have to deal with her crap anymore.

BIg changes afoot

A couple years ago I was looking into the feasibility of buying a very interesting duplex with my sister and her family. We decided against that. That was a good decision because I found myself on the road about a year later moving from the east to west coast.

I then spent a year playing and then 9 months looking for a job. Found a job that I actually enjoy and plan to stay at for a while there are even whispers of promotion in my future.

Well, I had a fairly ambitious five year plan and have accomplished a good amount of the list. I moved, traveled a lot, got out of my unhappy job. The big item left was to settle down and buy a house. Well, I just started the path to ownership and should be in whatever place I found by the end of the year. I'm really excited.

I guess I'm staying

For the time being that is. I am officially a resident of Oregon, did all the waiting in line at the DMV yesterday and now my vehicle is a bit harder to find having the same plates as everyone else now.

Now I just need the people I have contacted about jobs get back to me and schedule some interviews and all will be rolling again.

A year ago I didn't think I could even bear to smile again, the last 8 months have reinvigorated myself. Exploring the U.S. was exciting. Living in an area with like minded smart people has been wonderful. 2010 was great and I think that was just the beginning.


I watched the original Tron for the first time this week.  Interesting, definitely dated and a weak story.  The effects for the time it was produced were very good.

That brings me to today.  Went and saw Tron: Legacy.  The effects (the 3d part was kind of meh, not necessary really) and production values were top notch, though I thought the sound mix was a bit wonky and some sound editing was surprisingly off,  I was in a theater that prides itself on sound reproduction and the trailers all sounded fine, so something was odd with the sound in the actual movie.  A huge update overall in the technica department.  The story was totally predictable and actually a bit boring.  The movie did not need to be two hours long, a huge chunk could have and should have been cut out to move the story along.  It was kind of a middling movie with amazing special effects.

Helping Others

 For the longest time I have always tried to help organizations that help me in some way, generally in a financial way.  Tonight was an opportunity, which I have previously passed on, to help a group that seems to always give there all.  I get more out of watching this group than I get from other entertainment so it is only right to give what I can to help them.  

I would have liked to be able to give more than I did.  To the cast and crew of the Funday Pawpet Show, if any of you ever happen to read this, thank you for all the years of dedication and laughter which helps to brighten at least a few faces each week.  Continue until you feel it is the right time to stop and when that happens I will find something else to occupy my Sunday afternoons.

I realize I could post this to the pawpet community but I will not because right now I am just speaking from my heart and encourage everyone out there to support the things you love in the best way you can think to support them.

Banks. Uggh!

 I have been banking with the same bank for close to twenty years now, the account started with a local bank and then was acquired by a much larger bank.  The larger bank has been fine for the last ten or so years.  Not anymore, about three weeks ago I received a letter updating the policies on one of my accounts.  This account when I opened it was free and according to the literature I originally received it would be that way indefinitely.  Well, apparently the bank has decided to instate new requirements for avoiding the fees which are quite draconian especially considering I hold several accounts with this bank with a fair amount of money.  Since I did not want to bow to the requirements for this particular account which was just an account I used to grab cash from an atm I decided to  close the account and take my business elsewhere.  

That is what you get now a days apparently.  A loyal, long term costumer is driven away by the greed of making up the margins by feeing everyone to death.  Especially considering other banks in the states will absolutely fall over themselves to get my business with much better account benefits.

Oh well, time to move on to someplace that may actually give a crap about their customers.


 Why oh why must building contractors always take longer than the quoted amount of time to finish a project.  I was told the place I am going to rent would be complete by mid September, the move in date is now October 1st.  I would really love to get out of my relatives house especially since I have been here almost two months due to a couple things happening.

One of those was the first place I was going to rent fell through and this place I was expecting to be done sooner but the construction took longer than expected.

It is what it is and everything will be fine in the end and I will finally be able to settle into this area and contemplate looking for a job of some sort.